Foshan Singea Locks science and technology Co., Ltd.

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        • Welcome to think song fingerprint lock's official website!
          400 phone service:4000-669-978    Chinese | English
          The industry's first new mode of registration song lphone fingerprint collection technology quickly and easily unlock security

          Why think song fingerprint lock in the times change, standing in an invincible position?

          Do trust and respect

          Foshan Singea Locks Science & Technology Co., Ltd

              Foshan Singea Locks Science & Technology Co., Ltd, established in January 2012, located in Foshan, GD. it is a professional integrated company, which involves in R & D, manufacturing and sales.The company has the top professional technical team, management team and the most sophisticated fingerprint lock core technology, manufacturing processes in this industry. Supporting automatic production lines and fully functional professional laboratory equipments, which are the leading equipments in domestic at present.

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